Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Disneyland 4 Free Tickets: Facebook Scam

Scam Score: 100 (Severe Risk)

Recently I found this being shared on Facebook. It appeared quickly as an obvious scam but I followed the link to see more evidence of the scam.

You can see quickly that the coupon was composited in a hurry and without much thought to design. The most important parts to Disney is going to be their logo, which is obviously skewed in this picture. This picture also happens to be click-bait as it does not appear on the landing page.

The landing page greeting the clicker displays all the common elements of a scam. A poorly designed web site, which Disney would never put their name on. A tickets remaining countdown (which randomly resets to one of several different numbers on refresh) to encourage quick action by the user, but is nothing more than some JavaScript.

While the site appears to be on behalf of Disney, there is no listed responsible party of who would handle the prizes.

The button for redeeming your exclusive gift card is set to alert that you have not completed step 2.

Looking at the source of the page is appears that the developers were German.

The URL ( is meant to be deceiving as well. The root of the domain is actually which is obviously not owned by Disney and has private registration.


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