Saturday, July 31, 2010

You get what you pay for - beware of

My wife has an iPhone which has cracked on the back plate. I went in search of replacement parts online and decided to take the chance with due to good pricing. The web site didn't have reviews online and I decided to take the gamble. I purchased the iPhone 3G Black Housing unit and waited to see what I had purchased. After a couple weeks, the product (made in Hong Kong) showed up and I was exited to use it. I opened it at the post office and found that the plastic seemed really cheap. But I knew the weights and densities might feel different with the metal internals of the phone connected to it. As I went to begin the iPhone cosmetic surgery (with the knowledge that doing this could void any remaining warranty), I found that the tools they had said they would send were not the right tools at all. The "X" and "-" screwdrivers were star-screwdrivers that don't fit at all. I went on to compare the weights and densities of the housings to find that the OEM one was in fact more dense and felt stronger than the one sent by I decided that the risk wasn't worth it and left my wife's phone with the OEM parts. My caution to those interested in is to know that you get (sometimes less) than what you pay for. On that note, does anyone want a new iPhone black housing kit?

PS. When I was waiting for the shipment, I got a notice from them saying "if your package has any questions, we'll let you know via email." I guess they know me better than I do.


Vophjox said...

Hii,i was thinking to buy an full replacement kit for my iphone because my glass is broken en my back is totally scratchted, are the replacing products worth to buy for ecase?

Anonymous said...

At least you got something from ecaseshop in the mail. I ordered a white Blackberry 8800 housing from them and never received it and they wont respond to any of my emails. The housing was $35.00 and was the only place that I could find on the internet that carried it. I reported them to Paypal but of course there isnt much they can do on a transaction like this. Definately dont order from this place if you read this blog.

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