Tuesday, August 3, 2010

1saleaday.com review

Many people may be wondering about the website 1saleaday.com, a web site that displays several deals for the duration of 24 hours. The problem is that most reviewers of the web site have had a bad experience with 1saleaday.com, and now bid their warning to others. The common complaints included low-grade products, lost shipping orders, and products that are dead on arrival (DOA). I decided to take the risk using paypal to ensure my credit card data was not compromised. I purchased two 6' HDMI cables. After about 2 weeks, the cables arrived and upon inspection, I found them to be a lower-quality product. The total cost for the cables was $5.99 including shipping.

Looking closer at the situation, it only makes sense I got what I got. A company like 1saleaday.com is still out to make a profit. To do this they have to offer low-quality merchandise (or almost unwanted merchandise) to continue to make that profit. They are in the business of making money, but it appears they don't have the resources to handle customer complaints very well. For a company like this, loosing repeat business is a very bad move for these revenue seekers.

My caution to those who are interested in what 1saleaday.com has, you honestly do get what you pay for AND you most likely wont ever get something for nothing.

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