Saturday, December 31, 2011

Costco Scam -

Recently this has been very popular on Facebook. Someone created a simple blog using a free blog service (blogspot/blogger) and placed some simple text.

People like getting things for free and some have on Facebook. My wife has won a couple things by liking pages and being entered into drawings, however let me explain to you why this one is a scam.

Free Blog Service
It's only somewhat fishy that a giveaway (promising more than $1,295,000 (1295 x $1000) in free Gift Cards) can't purchase a simple domain for $9.95/year.

Infinite Countdown
When loading the page you can see a countdown indicating how many gift cards are remaining. This is not driven by a database using Ajax, it is a simple script that just reduced the number every second or so. Once you refresh the page, the amount of gift cards remaining resets to 1295 magically. If your curious, it will continue countdown into the negatives if you allow it to.

No organization or individual is provided as a responsible party for this offer. In legitimate offers, there will always be information provided for those who the offer is available.

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