Saturday, September 14, 2013

International Christian Followers Crusade Scam

Here is another old, but good example of a Craigslist rental scam.  This one is from the dear Nicholas Bailey at

Thanks for your email and interest in renting my house..I am Nicholas Bailey, the owner of the house you are making inquiry of…Actually I resided in the house with my family, my wife and my only daughter before and presently we have moved out due to my transfer from my work now in Warsaw,Poland. Presently my house is still available for rent for $1000 (rent already includes utilities).More so Now, i am currently in the (West Africa)for an international Christian follower’s crusade..Pls i want you to note that i spent a lot on my property that i want to give to you for rent,so i will solicit for your absolute maintenance of this house and want you to treat it as your own, It is not the money that is the main problem but i want you to keep it tidy all the time so that i will be glad to see it neat when i come for a check up.I also want you to let me have trust in you as i always stand on my word.
Address of the house.. (2--- W 6-- N, Layton, UT 84041)

It has a dramatic entry foyer with ceramic floor. Extremely spacious 3 bedrooms and 2 bathroom throughout with lots of big windows…nice and light! New neutral paint and some newer carpet..Very quiet, low traffic area. New fridge I believe its absolutely a perfect home for you and your family.Utilities include Water,Trash,Sewer,Gas Etc...


FIRST NAME:__________?
MIDDLE NAME:__________?
LAST NAME:__________?
KIDS_____ (YES/NO), HOW MANY________
PRESENT ADDRESS: _____________________
CITY: _______________
ZIP CODE: ____________
NAME OF PET: _____________?
KIND OF PETS: _____________?
DO YOU SMOKE ______________ ?
DO YOU DRINK ______________?

Looking forward to hearing from you with all this details so that i can have it in my file in case of issuing the receipt for you and contacting you…Await your urgent reply so that we can discuss on how to get the document and the keys to you,please we are giving you all this based on trust and again i will want you to stick to your words,you know that we have not seen yet and only putting everything into Gods hands,so please do not let us down in this our property and God bless you more as you do this…The house is available for rent at the moment so you are free to move in as soon as you wish to my number..(+23480-2971-7275).…A Deposit of $700 (which happens to be the security deposit) is required before moving in…Feel free to call me for more information and arrangements on how to get the keys and other necessary documents delivered to you...The house will be available for rent for a period of 4 years so you have a choice of deciding how long you intend staying there…

Rent:  $1000 Deposit: $700
3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom
Pet Allowed.

God Bless,

Nicholas Bailey 

Remember to look for a key few points in determining a rental scam:  

  • Are they answering your questions that you've asked in a previous email?
  • Do they only leave an email address (usually Hotmail or Yahoo) to contact them about the rental in the original ad?
  • Do they give you an out-of-the-United-States phone number to contact them at?
  • Do they clearly state that they are not even in the United States right now?
Usually one yes to any of these questions can guarantee that you are dealing with someone who is working on a scam.


Melanie Kendig said...

6/19/15: This scam continues to happen! Please beware. I inquired about a rental property in my area that seemed too good to be true - cheap rent for a beautiful 3 bedroom home. Rent was WAY lower than normal so that was my first indication that something was not legit. When I searched "International Christian Followers" I saw all the others who have gone through the same thing - thank God I checked! Such a shame they include God, missionary work and doing good for others when in all reality they are scammers!! This is the response I got after inquiring about the rental. . . I responded to it asking about a walk-thru before any info or money is given - I'm anxious to see what his response is!! :)

Thanks for your interest and sorry for the late response was due to my wife illness but i thank GOD she is getting better. I must confess that I am very new in this landlord business. However, My name is Ike Lowry, I own the house located at (687 E Market St, Marietta, PA 17547). Due to my job as a missionary worker, we are going to stay in Lagos,Nigeria for an international Christian Followers crusade.that I decided to rent out the house and i will be here for (2-3 years).. However, the initial plan was to sale out the house. Which I tried, but sometimes the agents inflates the price and it takes longer to sell i am telling you this in case if you find the house on another website, that is the old advert. because of this reason and more we need rental agreement with a responsible person (With good credit) that can take very good care of it as we are not after the money , but want it to be clean and for you to take care of it as if it were yours. The rental fee is included in all utilities and Appliances,you would not make any extra charges.... Air Conditioner Dishwasher Walk-in Closet Refrigerator Vaulted Ceilings Washer/Dryer Cable etc...

Address: 687 E Market St, Marietta, PA 17547

Pets are Welcome!!!
Rent: $600
Security Deposit: $600
Living Building Square Footage: 2,314
Number Of Bedrooms: 3
Number Of Bathrooms: 2.5

1)Your Full Name:
2)Your Full Address,City,State,Zip Code:
3)Marital Status:
4)How many people will be living in the house:
5)Do you have a pet:
6)Do you have a car:
8)Monthly Income:
9)How long are you willing to stay in the property:
10)When are you ready to Move In:
11)How many months rent can you pay upfront:
12)Earliest possible date of deposit:
13)Phone Number:
14)A picture of occupant:
15)Picture Of Driving License?If Available:

I hope to read from you with more information. Thanks for the time and energy writing me, My regards to your family.

Ike Lowry.

Yesterday is history, Tomorrow's a mystery, TODAY'S a GIFT, that's why it's called the present!

Unknown said...

Just Happened to ME!!! THANK GOD I checked this out before wiring the cash. What kind of people do this!!
From: Bridget Gardner
Sent: Tuesday, March 15, 2016 1:25 PM
To: Heather Potter
Subject: Interest in your property for rent on!!!


Thanks for you interest in renting our home, I and my family used to live in the house but recently relocated due to transfer at my work place. I'm currently in Indianapolis, Indiana for an international Christian follower's Crusade. Owning a home and taking good care of it has not been easy at all, that is why i am pleading that you take very good care of my house if you finally are the new occupant and treat the place like you own it, the price i am renting it out for is not a problem but i want you to keep it tidy all the time so that i will be glad to see it neat when i come to visit you when next i am in town. The house has been for sale for some time now but, my wife advised me to just rent it out to a good person that can take care of it. I also want you to let me have trust in you as i always stand on my word. Extremely spacious rooms throughout with lots of big windows! New neutral paint and some newer carpet.....Very quiet location, low traffic area. New fridge. Its a perfect home for you. Utilities include Water, Trash, Sewer, Gas Etc....


No of bedrooms:3

No of bathrooms:2

House Address: (2011 NW 59th St, Seattle, WA 98107)

Rental price: $1500 per month and security Deposit is $400(Security Deposit is Refundable) Utilities included in monthly rent and Pets are Welcome.

Kristine Park-Gross said...

Yup the scumbag is still working it, PINE HILL BEWARE!! I even GPS'd the address just to be sure there was at least a house there & asked a couple sitting on their front deck. Woman said that a bunch of contractors DID just finish alot of work (she even peeked in the front window to see the outcome, lol) but although it would've been nice to have a place to go instead of couch crashing for a while, this too is a scam and don't you worry. I will be reporting it to Craigslist, local authorities, and any other official office/website/cyber is actually called a few things: Cyber crime, fraud, & economic terrorism -any type of business transaction that defaces American business to do harm towards the economy - that was a new one for me and it includes secret shoppers who're asked to wire $$ & answer a survey about how the transaction and customer service was. People Beware!!! They don't give up. I've been dealing with this scum for over a year and they're smart but stupid. You'd think when I mentioned that "I had been scammed before so wouldn't think of doing it to someone" they'd get the hint but alas they keep trying and I am now the proud owner of 2-Fraudulent Money Orders (Money Gram) & 3-Fraudulent Cashier Checks...if they were real(or I didn't have morals) I'd be having a great vacation right now. Remember...if it seems too good to be true, it's probably not.

Unknown said...

I just had this happen to me yesterday and after looking up this I found out that it was a bogus scam and Im glad I looked into it first. The house actually exhist. I went and looked it up. I now want to go check with the person living there now. Thanks for the info.
Wayne Hardy
Kokomo In

valerie cormier said...

I live in Canada & was emailed about a home for rent as I have posted on Kijiji & received a good offer to rent a home ! From the get go I knew it ha to be a scam & never responded to further my intelligent specific details . They claim to be in "Indianapolis, Indiana for an international Christian follower's Crusade " !!!
Some Christian !! My prayer is no one else will consider this nonsense !! If it sounds to good to be & thank God you listened.

Unknown said...

This scam is going on in California as well.
Thanks for the info every one..

Davey Sysamouth said...

I am so happy I followed my gut instinct and did a little bit of investigating. I received the below email from someone after answering an add on Craigslist. And just had a strong feeling this was too good to be true. So what did I do? Googled the International Christian Crusade. And through my search discovered that my hunch was right. I'm being scammed. Thank goodness I haven't remit any type of payment. I urge everyone to be cautious out there in cyber world. Apparently the world is still full of selfish idiots.

Hello Greetings,

Glad to know you have interest in renting my apartment but just before we move any further I must confess that I'm very new in this landlord business. However, My name is Pastor Mrs Linda Ireland . I own the House located at ( 1501 E 2nd Street # First Floor,Long Beach, CA 90802 ). Due to my job as a missionary worker, we left for Louisiana for an international Christian followers crusade and we will be here for (1-2years) that why i decided to rent out my Apartment. I won't accept any payment from you unless we both sign the necessary paper work. When do you intend to move in? I would have love to walk you round the house and show you how things are arrange but I can't and I'm sure you understand but I'm assuring you that the apartment is in perfect condition so upon your inspection you should get back to me so that we can proceed on how to get the keys across to you.The rent is $910 and security deposit is $750 for this 1Bedroom/ 1Bathroom, Pets are allowed.If you are interested in taking care of the room then you can go ahead and get views of how the exterior of the Apartment and the nice environment looks or drive by and kindly get back to me,this are the attached interior pictures of the room to show you how spacious and beautiful the inside looks, Below is the application form for you to fill out so we can proceed further.


(Private and Confidential)

(1) FIRST NAME: __________________
(2) MIDDLE NAME: __________________
(3) LAST NAME: __________________
(4) PROFESSION: ________________
(5) PHONE (____) __________ (CELL)
(6) MARITAL STATUS: _________

(7) KIDS _____ (YES/NO), HOW MANY: ________
(8) PRESENT ADDRESS: ___________________________
(9) PREVIOUS RENT: _______
(12) WHEN DO YOU INTEND MOVING IN: ______________
(13) DO YOU HAVE PET: ________
(14) DO YOU SMOKE: ________
(16) DO YOU HAVE A CAR: _______
(18) PICTURES OF THE OCCUPANT? IF AVAILABLE ___________________________


I will be waiting for your good response

Thanks And God Bless You


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